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Since 1990, BETTER WATERS has been dedicated to a simple goal:  Supplying and maintaining high-performance water technologies for anyone interested in pure water. (Hey, is that complicated?) 

Beginning in the early 2000s, 
as environmental considerations began to affect decision-making in every realm, water technologies and applications shifted from the periphery to front and center.  From rainwater reclamation, to the imperative of reducing the waste of bottled water plastic, to increasing concerns about the integrity of public water supplies - the subject of water quality and usage is no longer remote or simple to reconcile.  Accordingly, BETTER WATERS has taken on the additional responsibility of advising and clarifying the many choices and considerations that come into play when selecting water technologies - a challenge we welcome.

With thousands of installations in continual use, large and small, from 2000 gallons / minute to 1/2 gpm, some of America’s most prestigious residential and commercial buildings, demanding Fortune 500 companies, exacting health-care institutions, top-rated restaurants and uncompromising individuals have come to rely on our water filtration systems -- with a level of professional expertise and integrity to match.

We represent the world’s leading manufacturers of water technologies.  We are a full-service company offering specification, installation, maintenance, customer support and warranty service for nearly all products we sell.  We also work closely with designated contractors through all phases of new projects, including start-up and training of maintenance personnel.  Our fulfilment facilitates prompt shipping of the most frequently ordered products.   We also offer independent water analysis through a network of testing laboratories across the country.

BETTER WATERS is proud to play a distinct role in the growing environmental consciousness of daily life, from supplying high performance drinking water systems to large-scale energy and water-conserving filtration - equipment that significantly improves the quality of people’s lives with minimal environmental impact.  We are the leading supplier of these systems to sustainable building (LEED certified) construction projects in America’s largest city: New York.

Our experienced people will be glad to answer your questions knowledgeably and objectively, as well as listen carefully to your requirements and concerns.  Let us hear from you!

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Information about water quality and related topics.  Media articles and environmental perspectives. Water Quality Reports from around the US.

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Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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