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Manufactured by 3M Purification Inc. for BETTER WATERS


Single-cartridge technology for true bottled-water quality.
0.2 micron filtration: Reduces over 99.99% of water-borne heterotrophic bacteria.
2.1 gallons / minute: Flow rate higher than capacity of standard 3/8" cold water line.
25,000 gallon cartridge capacity: Six - twelve months longevity assured.

How do we do that? BETTER WATERS incorporates a patented Integrated Membrane Pre-activated Carbon technology (I.M.P.A.C.T.)  This filtration technology blends the high efficiency of carbon media with the durability of a microporous membrane filter into a single pharmaceutical grade cartridge.  This unique process dramatically reduces pressure drop and increases flow rate, resulting in longer cartridge life.

THIS is the filtration technology that can make THIS claim: 

Use of this product to eliminate bottled water plastic qualifies for a LEED Innovation in Design credit per US Green Building Council CIR (Credit Interpretations and Rulings) CSv2.0 IDc1.  See  Complete text of ruling

Bottom line: What does it take out?
NSF-certified for near total reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odor, Particulates Class I, Cysts (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia). 
Also: Over 99.99% reduction of water-borne heterotrophic bacteria by membrane filtration as tested by manufacturer (3M) and verified by manufacturer's laboratory. 

How small is 0.2 micron? Fine enough to remove bacteria.
The naked eye can see as fine as 40 microns or so.  Cysts are trapped by filtration at 1 - 2 microns.  0.2 micron is really, really small.                    
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FULL-FLOW TECHNOLOGY:  Unlike other high-performance filtration systems, no  dedicated faucet 
Other high-quality filters require a separate dispenser because the filter cartridge restricts flow and has limited longevity.  The XB7000 has a flow capacity exceeding the 2.0 gpm of a standard 3/8" cold water line.
 is needed.  It can be installed directly into the cold water line supplying a sink, filtering all the cold water to the tap.
Doesn't it shorten the life of the filter to use it for all the cold water? A family of four uses about 3500 gallons of cold water at their kitchen sink in one year.  The XB7000 is NSF certified for 25,000 gallons, and since cartridges should be replaced at least once a year... it's not a problem. 
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For restaurants and other food-service applications, the XB7000 can be manifolded for higher flow rates and an exponential increase in cartridge longevity: two or more filters configured  in parallel Parallel configuration Water runs through all filters “in parallel” simultaneously to accommodate exponentially higher flow rates and cartridge longevity.   for high-flow requirements.



BETTER WATERS warrants this Product consisting of (1) head assembly and (1) replaceable filtration cartridge, manufactured by 3M Purification, Inc., to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not apply to actual useful life of the filtration cartridge.  Neither BETTER WATERS nor 3M Purification Inc. shall be liable for system failure(s) due to improper maintenance.  See complete Terms of Warranty.

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Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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