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BETTER WATERS TOP FOUR - High Performance Water Filtration

The top two filtration systems made by the two best manufacturers in the industry:
series7000 by 3M Purification Inc.

series9000 by Everpure

Whether for office or home application, most people will find at least one of these four perfect as a high performance filtration system for drinking water / food prep that is simple to install and maintain, and stunningly effective and reliable.  We also stock many other filtration systems and replacement cartridges.

Start with a quick comparison chart: 
 CX9000  Everpure   0.5  0.5  1500  Cost
 TX9000  Everpure  0.5  0.5  500  Maximum  VOCs, THMs
 XB7000  3M  0.2  2.1  25,000  Bacteria +  longevity
 XL7000  3M  0.2  2.5  6000  Bacteria +  VOCs + Lead

* 200% manufacturer's claims for full reduction of all contaminants certified.
 What does this mean?

Generally speaking, the broader the spectrum of contaminant reduction, the less the NSF-rated capacity of the filtration cartridge.   NSF assumes, for the purpose of evaluating cartridge life, that all contaminants certified for reduction are present in the water.  Thus the TX9000, with the broadest spectrum of VOC reduction, is rated as having the shortest longevity - because the rating system assumes that the entire collection of certified contaminants is actually in the water to be filtered.  (That is most unlikely to be the case.)  In addition, keep in mind that NSF issues a longevity rating that is only half of what their testing shows.    

Therefore NSF-rated longevity is not at all a perfect indicator of cartridge longevity in real-world water conditions.  So while cartridges with greater rated capacity can be generally presumed to last longer than those with less, it would be incorrect to conclude that the XB7000 rated at 25,000 gallons will last 50 times as long as the TX9000 rated at 500 gallons.

Which one is best for me?

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Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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