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What is really being filtered?  The chief source of discoloration - dirt and rusts in the water - originates as dissolved manganese and iron in the New York City water supply from our reservoirs.  As water travels to the city and is then distributed to buildings, much of the dissolved metals precipitate out of solution as the water comes into contact with oxygen.  That is, they transform from a dissolved state to particulate form.  They are then captured by the fine filtration screen.

I notice that hot water is usually a lot browner than cold.  Why?  It's due to the same phenomenon of metals precipitating out of solution.  Heating water causes more dissolved metals to oxidize - and thus become visible.  In some cases we do have Amiad Filtration installed on the hot water line only.  It is a successful application, but in most cases we think it is more cost effective to filter the entire supply before the water branches off to hot and cold lines.

What about water already in the distribution lines within the building?
 Of course, particles already downstream of the filter can, from time to time, dislodge (e.g. from pressure variation).  But these actually are a tiny fraction of the particles that continually enter a building without water filtration.  Bottom line:  Installing a high-performance filtration system at the domestic water supply assures clear water nearly all the time.  The exceptions are those instances when previously lodged dirt is displaced.  Such exceptions will, of course, diminish over time.

What makes Amiad unique?  The most critical part of a filter's performance is the extent to which the filter can self-clean - i.e. restore itself 100% back to "clean screen".  Amiad's patented technologies include suction scanners that literally touch the inside of the screen - essential to consistent self-maintenance in a challenging water environment.  Water conditions in a city like New York, with respect to turbidity and physical particulates, is extremely challenging - and becomes exponentially more so as one goes down the micron scale into single digits.  This is where the difference between Amiad and theoretical competitors becomes most pronounced. And in turbid water conditions the difference is absolutely critical.

Are any special certifications required?
 There are no special code provisions required for domestic water filtration other than standard plumbing code that applies to any equipment used in the conveyance of water.  Amiad Filtration has been vetted and specified by every major mechanical engineering firm in New York City, and is included in many of the most prestigious and demanding residential buildings.

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Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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