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BETTER WATERS / AMIAD selected Installations

Over the last five years one company has come to completely dominate the market for high-capacity water filtration in New York City - the most intensely urban space in America, home of the toughest developers, engineers, architects, builders, plumbing contractors and, oh yes, customers.

The reason is not that BETTER WATERS has an unbeatable sales team.  Not at all.  It's the technology of Amiad Filtration that speaks for itself - every day, 24/7, the one technology that has consistently proven itself up to the challenge of New York's turbid, variable water conditions.  Today we have the honor of ongoing relationships with, in all probability, every major NYC developer who regularly specifies filtration, every MEP firm that engineers New York City’s large-scale residential and storm water reclamation jobs, and every plumbing contractor in that select group that consistently wins the major projects.

Apart from the intrinsic merits of the patented technology itself are three vitally important considerations:

1.  Fo the same flow rate, an Amiad filtration system takes up a fraction of the space of conventional media tanks.  (The value of freed-up real estate alone often exceeds the cost of the equipment.)

2.  To process the same volume, an Amiad uses a fraction of the water - maybe 10% - of what conventional media tanks require for self-maintenance.  (As concern for water conservation and costs continually grows, this becomes an ever more critical advantage.)

3.  Amiad technology is actually responsive to fluctuating water conditions.  (It's like the difference between a computer and a file cabinet.)

Using the links on the side, scroll through selected installations.  They are sorted by application and ordered from largest capacity systems to smallest.

Please note:

Most jobs listed were installed with new construction. Existing buildings are noted (EB).

Many developers choose not to be identified.  Accordingly, we omit their names from the listed projects.  It is safe to assume that the projects listed represent a majority of New York City's major developers (as determined by overall dollar value of their projects).

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Featured Case Study

Yankee Stadium

All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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