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UV Pure Technologies Inc.

UV Pure, with headquarters in Toronto, is distinguished first and foremost by its revolutionary reconfiguration of traditional UV technology:  The UV lamps are outside, not inside, the water stream.

Conventional UV technology: The lamp(s) are encased in quartz within the water stream.

This simple upending of traditional UV thinking assures both a new level of water security and ease and reliability of ongoing maintenance.  Crossfire TechnologyTM incorporates two proprietary high-output UV lamps, with elliptical reflectors, that target pathogens with radiation from 360º.  The result is an extremely high UV dose (65 mJ/cm) to deactivate pathogens - and thus provide safe drinking water.

Risk Free & Fail-Safe
Crossfire Technology uses dual smart UV sensors mounted in air, which cannot foul and are more reliable indicators of system performance.  Lamps are air-cooled and maintain consistent levels of UV output for maximum pathogen deactivation.  Computerized alarms and an auto shut-off fail-safe valve are included.

Crossfire Technology uses a stainless steel wiper to clean the inside of the quartz tube, eliminating quartz fouling and the need for additional technologies such as water softening.

Ease of Maintenance
Crossfire technology utilizes two lamps mounted in air, outside the quartz tube.  Maintaining a system is on the order of changing a light bulb; no system draining is required.

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All water is filtered at the new Yankee Stadium. Eight Amiad® SAF6000 filters in parallel for 2000+ gpm.


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