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Competitors: Electric vs. hydraulic power

There are a few manufacturers offering screen technology filtration – all, it seems, designed to appear as equivalent to Amiad. There's one in particular we have been running into lately, and so we focus here on the differences between these two.

The most obvious mechanical difference is in the sources of power: electrical for Amiad, hydraulic for competitor.   Hydraulic power – using water pressure to power the backwash cycles – seems like a great idea, one that is environmentally friendly.  In fact, Amiad also has a line of filters that run on hydraulic power, and they certainly cost a lot less than the electrically powered models.

The problem is, in a fine filtration application – which is what owners quite rightly demand, given that there is an exponential increase in particles the finer down the micron scale you go – hydraulic power is simply not enough to create the force required to backwash a screen to restore it to 100% clean.  If the screen cannot be cleaned 100% under the extremely turbid, fine particle conditions that obtain in New York City, it is not going to provide fine filtration for very long.

Ironically, using hydraulic power in the point-of-entry environment actually requires far more water for maintenance purposes than an equivalently sized Amiad system using electrical power (required for only about 5 minutes a day).   And that is aside from the question of whether the filtration quality itself is equivalent.

Even with Amiad’s superior, patented screen technology, we still will not sell a hydraulically powered system for a fine filtration application in New York City water conditions.  We have years of experience in many environments, and by now we know what works, and what does not.  There really are no end runs around the physics.

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