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Watercheck Kit and Analysis
Includes Pesticide Testing
Performed by National Testing Labs

P/N  WaterCheck Analysis Kit + Pesticide testing option

National Testing Labs

Detailed Description

Upon ordering, the kit is shipped to you.  On a Monday - Thursday, preferably afternoon, you collect your water samples in the bottles supplied with the kit, repack in the box provided, and overnight ship directly to National Testing Labs.  Complete instructions are included.  Water testing begins the next day, and is most accurate when the time between collection and receipt is minimized.

After analysis, NTL will send a copy of the results to you and to us.  Price includes our reviewing with you in the context of many analyses we have seen from comparable water conditions, and specific recommendations for applicable water technologies (if indicated by the results) based on your preferences and concerns.

Pesticide testing option: This analysis includes testing for pesticides, herbicides and PCBs.

See a sample water analysis report. (Sample includes testing for pesticides, herbicides and PCBs).

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