About Us

Who We Are

Better Waters is a leading supplier of sustainable, high performance water technologies to many of the highest profile projects in New York City and throughout the United States, including LEED-Certified.

Over the last twenty years we have sold and maintained thousands of water technology products in continuous use at some of America’s most prestigious residential and commercial buildings, Fortune 500 companies, hotels, stadiums, health-care institutions and restaurants.

Today, we are honored to say that nearly every major NYC mechanical engineering firm seeks our expertise on water technologies for their projects. A majority of the most active owners developing real estate in New York rely on us to supply their projects with our water technologies. And we enjoy ongoing, trusted relationships with the contractors who install our equipment on one project after another.

What We Do

Better Waters occupies a unique place: While most companies participate in one or two water tech industries, we develop and support markets in four distinct water tech spaces. These are:

  • High performance consumer products -- drinking water technologies that make bottled water obsolete.
  • Fine domestic water filtration for whole buildings and similar applications in the urban built environment.
  • Storm water reuse systems that sequence filtration + disinfection (UV or ozone) in low cost, low footprint , efficient and reliable factory-assembled skidded packages, producing reclaimed rain water suitable for cooling towers, irrigation and other applications.
  • Industrial filtration systems to meet the requirements of factories, power plants, paper mills, energy companies and many other players in the industrial sector.

Our supply of products and expertise in support of this multiplicity of demands and applications makes possible our unique synergistic perspective.

Services We Offer

System Specifications 

We are honored that the vast majority of mechanical engineering firms handling major NYC projects seek our expertise on water tech applications. If you are an engineer or owner implementing water technologies on your project, we look forward to answering your questions and offering our support.

Construction Support

Virtually all major developers in New York now rely on us to supply their projects with our water technologies. If you are bidding or awarded a project with Amiad or Omicron filtration specified, please contact us for pricing and any documents or support services you might require. Our quotes are generally "all in", embracing field support, start up and commissioning.

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