Choosing a Water Filter
At Better Waters, we believe that high performance water filtration resolves two important points that are otherwise in conflict: People need gre...
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In-depth essay: What to understand when choosing a filter for drinking water
Here is info we think can be useful to help you choose the best filter for your needs. In the selection table on the Collections page, you’ll find...
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About NSF Certification
What is NSF International? NSF International is an accredited, independent third-party certification body that tests and certifies the safety and ...
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NYC tap water before / after XL7000 filtration
New York City often proclaims its tap water to be some of the finest in the nation. That’s not entirely incorrect; the problem with the claim is th...
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What if all building water is filtered to bottled-water quality?
Let’s make all the water in our building bottled quality! It seems at first a worthy goal.  But in reality, there are some limitations to conside...
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The XL7000 in every apartment
Program Summary For owners who have ordered Omicron fine particle filtration of domestic water at their projects, we are pleased to offer revenue-s...
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