Omicron Drawings

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

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Model # Configuration CAD File Note
5300-10(V) Single Vertical With Support
5300-25(V) Single Vertical With Support
5300-25(H) Single Horizontal With Pump
Twin 5300(V)
Twin Vertical Reduced Footprint
Twin 5300(V)
Twin Vertical Manifold
Triple 5300-10(V) Triple Vertical With Support
8000(H) Single Horizontal
10600(H) Single Horizontal Manifold
13200(H) Single Horizontal
Twin 13200(H) Twin Horizontal
16500(H) Single Horizontal
Twin 16500(H) Twin Horizontal
Twin 16500-10(H) Twin Horizontal Stacked
Twin 21300(H) Twin Horizontal
Twin 21300-10(H) Twin Horizontal No Flush Line Pump
Twin 21300(V) Twin Vertical
21300(V) Single Vertical
21300(H) Single Horizontal DWG
21300-10(H) PN16
Single Horizontal
21300-10(H) PN25 Single Horizontal
2900UV Single Horizontal Manifold with process pump
2900UV Single Horizontal Manifold with no pump
Twin 2900UV Twin Horizontal Manifold with process pump