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filtered is better

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If you own, manage, or are developing high-rise property using our water filtration technology at point-of-entry, we invite you to take the next step on behalf of pristine water quality and the environment. 

Our filtered is better program enables you to acquire both a LEED credit (CIR CSv2.0 IDc1) and the marketing advantage that derive from providing filtered water.

The underlying principle of the USGBC waste reduction credit is sustainability.  By preceding drinking water filtration with our automatic fine particle filtration equipment at the building main, reliable longevity of our 0.2 micron XL7000 filtration cartridges downstream is assured.

There are various approaches to accommodate specific project requirements.  You can include the XL7000 with the kitchen plumbing scope, or specify just the head assembly.  (In that case, it is left up to the resident to decide whether to purchase the cartridge that completes the system.)  No tools are needed to insert a cartridge.

The XL7000 may be installed directly in-line so that all cold water at the kitchen sink will be bottled-quality, or it may be directed to a dedicated filtered water faucet.

Joining filtered is better allows both owners and residents to purchase the XL7000 at substantial discounts off list price.  The discount program extends to individuals in filtered is better buildings who buy their replacement XL cartridges on their own schedule.  We also offer revenue sharing programs to owners -- please inquire.

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Food Service Partnerships

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Imagine bottled quality water as an essential ingredient of all food prep and as the "tap water" you serve guests.  We offer a broad range of high performance filtration systems to support your commitment.  We look forward to partnering with you by offering significant discounts and incentives to the industry.

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Vacation Ownership

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Hotels, HOAs and vacation ownership and exchange companies can not only take action on behalf of sustainability but also profit by implementing point-of-use filtration.  Reliable and sustainable water technologies eliminate the need for bottled water, and are an integral part of a commitment to Wellness.  There are numerous approaches and solutions.  Contact us to discuss optimized approaches that meet your requirements.

Learn more about large-scale implementation of water tech that replaces bottled water