USGBC awards LEED Credit for Better Waters Two Stage Filtration

The US Green Building Council has issued CIR CSv2.0 IDc1, a waste reduction credit, for multi-residential projects that implement Better Waters’ building-wide and individual kitchen filtration sequence to eliminate the need for bottled water.

This presents an unusual opportunity for owners to earn both a LEED point and provide a feature of great value to their residents for whom health and the environment are top concerns.

Cutaway of an Omicron Filter

Stage one, point-of-entry, applies filtration to all domestic water at the incoming main. Our Omicron 10 automatic screen technology provides fine filtration that actually increases the transparency of New York City’s frequently turbid water.

XL7000 Point of Use Filter

Stage two, point-of-use, applies broad-spectrum cartridge technology installed within kitchen cabinets. Our XL7000 0.2 micron filter transforms the cold water supply into bottled quality, either full-flow to the main tap, or via a dedicated glass filler faucet.

Stage one ensures that the downstream cartridge systems are dedicated to addressing fine contaminants, unburdened by the impact of coarser particulates. This means longer-lasting cartridges, reducing ongoing cost and the environmental impact of cartridge disposal.

Empty plastic bottles

Increasingly, people are less likely to consume tap water, and are more highly informed about the ecological consequence of plastic water bottles. The Better Waters two-stage solution resolves this conflict between a commitment to sustainability and wellness. We offer numerous customized solutions to property owners for both new and existing buildings. We invite your inquiries and comments.

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