Making healthy choices is key to improving one’s health. Staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. To achieve hydration goals, many people choose single-use plastic bottles. Most realize that the plastic used in bottled water is recyclable, but less than one-third of the single-use bottles used actually get recycled. The majority of these one-use bottles end up in landfills or the environment. Installing an under-the-sink water filter can have an enormous positive impact on the environment. Here are three ways you can help protect the environment by choosing a filtration system.

Why Water Filtration is Good For the Environment

There are many benefits to having fresh, filtered water whenever you want. Installing an under-the-sink water filter is a great choice for you and your family. But you are also making a great choice for the environment. Here are the ways the environment benefits too.

  1. Under-the-Sink Water Filters Reduce The Use of Plastic Water Bottles
    • Plastic water bottles are damaging to the environment in many ways. While recycling them is a great option, reducing their production altogether can have a greater impact on the environment. Having an under-sink water filter is an affordable, accessible, and practical way to reduce single-use water bottles. You’ll always have the option of using a refillable water bottle when you are on the go. This is far better for the environment, and it can save you some money in the long run.
  2. Water Filters Help Reduce the Consumption of Fossil Fuels.
    • What goes into the creation of plastic water bottles? They are made from fossil fuels and natural gas. The process consumes nearly 20 million barrels of oil annually. That doesn’t even include the oil required for transporting them. The processes used in creating plastic water bottles release over two million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

      By choosing an eco-friendly water filter, the demand for plastic can be reduced, which means using less fossil fuels. This helps reduce our carbon footprint and helps to alleviate the harmful byproducts that are generated during the plastic manufacturing process. When plastic manufacturing is reduced by choosing eco-friendly products like a modern water filter, greenhouse gas emissions, and dangerous chemical byproducts are reduced as well.
  3. Helps Reduce Water Waste
    • Over time, you can spend a lot of money purchasing plastic water bottles. That’s because you are not just paying for the water contained in the bottle. You are also paying for the manufacturing process that’s required to create the bottle. To produce just one plastic bottle requires six to seven times the amount of water that ends up inside the bottle.

Bottled Water Facts

Here are just a few statistics and facts about single-use bottled water and its negative impact on the environment.

  • Plastic products are made from fossil fuels, which are a non-renewable resource.
  • It takes over 400 years for just one plastic bottle to decompose in a landfill.
  • Over 60 million (yes - that’s MILLION) plastic bottles find their way to landfills EVERY DAY.
  • Less than 10% of single-use plastic products are recycled.
  • In the US, around 50 billion plastic bottles are purchased every year.
  • It takes 17 million barrels of oil a year to keep up with the US demand for plastic water bottles.

How Better Waters Can Help

It’s important to the livelihoods of future generations to protect the planet.
That means choosing eco-friendly practices, reducing waste production, and preserving water. Each of these plays a role in protecting the environment. A great place to start is by investing in an under-sink water filter from Better Waters. By choosing water filtration, you improve your health, overall well-being, and the environment.

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