Homeowners often have to choose the best type of water filter for their homes. The biggest decision they face is trying to choose to install a whole-house or a point-of-use water filter system. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. A homeowner's choice may come down to their budget and the primary goal for installing a filter. Sometimes, a point-of-use water filter will make the most sense.

What is a Point-of-Use Water Filter?

A point-of-use water filter is a water filtration system that treats water at one tap in your house. Most homeowners choose to install the filter under their kitchen sink. This is because that is the easiest way to ensure their families get high-quality, healthy, and clean drinking water from their kitchen tap. This filtration system differs from a whole-house water system, which treats all water when it enters the home. Point-of-use water filters treat water at one single sink or tap where it is installed.

Are There Any Advantages to Using a Point-Of-Use Filtration System?

The goal of any water filtration system is to provide clean water for a household to use. A whole-house water filter is installed where the water enters the house, so it’s filtered and clean before reaching any faucet. There are some advantages to installing a point-of-use water filter at a tap.

More Effective than a Water Pitcher Filter

A point-of-use water filter is better than a refrigerator or water pitcher filter. While these filters slightly improve your water’s taste and smell, it’s not as effective as a water filter at the tap. The superior filtration abilities of a point-of-use filter provide advanced filtration methods that can remove bad tastes and smells from water. However, it can also ensure your tap water is free from the most common contaminants found in tap water.

Easy to Install

Point-of-use filtration systems are quick and easy to install. There may not be any modifications needed. If a home needs some type of modification, it is minimal.

Less Expensive Than a Whole-House Filter

One of the main reasons homeowners choose a point-of-use water filter instead of a whole-house filter is the price. A point-of-use filter is cheaper than a whole-house filtration system. And a point-of-use filter is also smaller and only installed at a single tap.

Are There Any Disadvantages to a Point-of-use Water Filter?

There are not many disadvantages to choosing a point-of-use filtration system. But there are some things that are important to understand. Here are a few disadvantages to using the point-of-use system.

It only Provides One Source of Clean Drinking Water.

A point-of-use system only filters water at one tap. The other taps in the home will still have water that is unfiltered. This means your home will only have one tap providing high-quality drinking water for your family.

Doesn’t Protect Pipes and Appliances

A whole-house water filter treats the water before it enters the pipes in a home. When you use a point-of-use system, the water in the rest of the house will still contain contaminants that can clog water pipes and damage appliances that use water.

Shower Water is Not Treated

People are not just exposed to water contaminants by consuming water. Some contaminants, such as chloramine and chlorine, are dangerous to breathe when they are in the water vapor given off from a hot shower. A point-of-use filter will not address these types of issues.

Should You Choose a Point-of-Use Water Filter for Your Home

If you want to provide high-quality drinking water for your family, a point-of-use water filter is a great option. It’s more effective and removes more contaminants than a pitcher filter. When installed, the point-of-use system provides clean, healthy water for your family to drink.

If a whole-house water filter system doesn’t quite fit into your budget, consider a cheaper point-of-use water filter.

Get a Better Waters Point-of-Use Water Filter

Call Better Waters today to discuss installing a point-of-use water filter in your home. We can help you choose the best water filter to meet your needs and budget. Our team can put its decades of experience and expertise to work for you to find the best filtration solution for you!

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